Exciting work being done at University of Wisconsin “…scientists forge a genetic link between people and pigs”

By December 23, 2017Uncategorized

One of the challenges of NF1 is not knowing how you or or child will be impacted.  There are so many different mutations of the gene and so many different outcomes.  This news out of University of Wisconsin – Madison is very exciting.  The associate director of the Biotechnology Center (and father of a son with NF1) is collaborating with other experts in the field to genetically modify pigs to have various mutations of the NF1 gene.

“Pigs develop faster than children do so they offer the possibility of helping predict how NF1 might affect a particular child, enabling parents, doctors, teachers and others to prepare. Earlier intervention for a child who develops autism could lead to better outcomes. Doctors could start working to find drugs to treat tumors before they grow too large.”

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